Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Living in Chaos or Why I Hate Renovations

I am currently living in total and utter chaos. My normal routine has been suspended as what was supposed to be a tedious first-floor reno has taken over all four floors of the house!

I haven’t really discussed the current renovation because I wanted to save the photos for a dramatic before and after - but this recent madness has broken my blogging-silence.

So here goes:

My parents have enlisted the talents of a fabulous architect/ interior designer to revamp the entire first floor of our house. Gorgeous plans were drawn up, walls have been coming down, loud hammering has been heard from 8 am onwards for weeks, but what we didn’t sign on for was the need for new wiring to be installed in all four floors of the house.

No one realized we were still using the ancient knob and tube wiring from the original early 20th century builders. Oops. This is not safe, so we had to pack up everything in the old part of our house in a hurried 3 days, and move into my parents bedroom (which was a more recent addition), while they break down the walls, update the wiring, replaster and repaint.

Regular readers know that I recently redid my room. What I worked tirelessly to achieve has gone from my version of perfection to a pile of dusty boxes.

So it is in this pigsty below where my sisters and I currently reside instead of our unlivable rooms:


Sometimes it’s like a big slumber party with Sex and the City marathons and other times it’s like wading through the chaos of the backstage of a runway show with all the dwarfing rolling racks, bitchy ‘tudes and orphaned high-heeled shoes and hair claws in your way.



And did I mention Leya the dane and the four cats are staying in the room as well? (including a fragrant litter box in the bathroom)

Miss Miu seems to be the only one enjoying the computer, which is haphazardly hooked up next to the treadmill with intermittent bouts of internet.

Hopefully the next reno post will have lots of lovely photos of the finished product that will make this intense aggravation worth it!


Paige said...

wiring is the worst!! our landlord redid the wiring of our house a month after we moved in. but to be fair, she's an idiot and thought the process was as simple as changing outlet faceplates..

instead we lived in a plaster-dust hell-hole for two weeks. sigh.

franki durbin said...

darling I would go mad in the chaos! I do like your comparison to being backstage at a runway show.

"We need tape over here! Stat, people! Move it! Move it! Time is money, honey!!!!"

Working Girl Two said...

love your blog!

i could not live in this chaos. i had to take days off work when i first moved into my apartment bc i am so neurotic. so kudos to you sticking through it. but i'm sure the idea of the finished product makes it all worth whiele!