Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Playlist #3: Best of Phantom Planet

In honour of last week's kick-ass Phantom Planet show, the playlist I'm offering you is the best of PP (at least, according to yours truly)


After watching them open for Panic at the Disco and then subsequently chatting with lead singer and former obsession Alex Greenwald and bass-player and unbelievably nice newlywed Sam Farrar -- my Phantom Planet kick is completely rekindled and I want nothing else but to share the love.


My Top Ten Phantom Planet Faves You Should Check Out:

  1. *The Entire Album "The Guest" (including bonus tracks)
  2. What Are You Waiting For
  3. Do The Panic
  4. By The Bed
  5. The Hours
  6. Rise The Setting Star
  7. Raise The Dead
  8. This Heart of Mine
  9. Knowitall
  10. Dropped

* One of my favourite albums ever -- you must check the whole thing out as picking one or two tracks will not do the band justice.


So instead of staring blankly at my selections please open up your itunes and sample the tracks in the iStore. I'd like to think you find the music as smile-inducing and infectious as I do. If you're too lazy for that, than click here for past music videos or check out their newest music video here.

PP buffalo- alex on jor

PS- To embarrass myself, here are some vintage shots of my nerdy seventeen-year-old self at the last PP show I saw in Buffalo in 2002. How priceless is the shot of Alex laying on jor's chest after crowd surfing??



Cin said...

Thanks for sharing this list. After seeing them open at the Panic show last week I decided these guys were definitely worth hearing more of.

Great photos, and great blog!

Michael said...

This is totally weird but I stumbled across this post today as I was looking for a download of the phantom planet song, rise the setting star. I can not find a download of the mp3 anywhere, legal or not legal! If you could point me in the right direction or anything like that, it would be great :D!
teal.michael1 at gmail dot com

Thanks if you can help :D