Monday, May 12, 2008

Missoni Miu

How darling is little miss miu lounging with some missoni throw pillows? (as darling as a hairless cat can be if you're one of the few who isn't barfing in your mouth right now).  I have to say out of the 4 kittens, she by far has the best taste when finding a soft yet stylish spot for a snooze!


image PS- I'm not a crazy cat lady, BUT occasionally I will be compelled to post photos of my kittens if they nest on designer pillows and what not.

At least I know I'm not the only one and I promise to keep the great dane photos coming to balance out the feline-ness

image image


Roberta said...

The cats may not have hair, but they definitely have class. A salute from The Cat Lady.

franki durbin said...

adorable! love the missoni ;)

Living Juice said...

I try not to be materialistic most of the time.. But my god i love those Aviators!!!
PS.. Your Cat is missing a great deal of fur! That and the picture of the spotty dog, I'm starting to believe your not the crazy cat lady at all.. More like, let me see... 101 Dalmations!

I like your blogs.