Friday, June 6, 2008

Creative Ice Cubes

image When serving cocktails and punches, it sucks when the ice cubes you use to keep the beverage cold and refreshing end up making your drink into a diluted mess.

Leave it to Martha to present an ingenious solution that makes the best of form and function: flavoured citrus ice cubes!


I like to tailor the ingredient selection to the specific drink I'm serving. For example, if making a white sangria, I'll use citrus slices and apple juice instead of water.

When in doubt, go with simple citrus and water with a squirt of lime juice. This combo complements everything from diet coke to a gin and tonic and you can leave the citrus cubes on the bar for both drinkers and non-alkies to use at their discretion.

Here are directions to make these tasty and decorative ice cubes:

  1. Slice lemons and limes (or other desired fruit)
  2. Layer the slices in a silicone muffin/tart tray
  3. Fill each cup 3/4 the way with water or desired fruit juice and freeze
  4. Once they're frozen, pop out the ice cubes and enjoy!

(top images via martha stewart)


Jillian said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing...


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