Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pottery Barn BBQ Entertaining

Today it's gross out but thankfully weather forecasts indicate a lovely summer weekend for Toronto. The promise of sunshine combined with the fact that my kitchen is now a gutted mess, means that the BBQ is my new best friend!


With no kitchen it means any summer entertaining will have to be done al fresco (hopefully the weather will cooperate!) and I'd love to add some of these cute items from Pottery Barn to the mix.

I think this BBQ Condiment Set, $39.00 is just darling! The 4 coordinated canisters and white ceramic tray are a stylish way to serve the toppings for your burgers and the bonus is you can store them in the fridge when you're done!

Alternate View

I like to serve at least one pre-made cocktail or mocktail to guests and these retro-inspired Acrylic/Glass Drink Dispensers, $59-79 are the perfect vessel to serve them in. Add decorative garnish that will show through the clear exterior and prop them on the edge of the bar for an easy yet festive pour.

Portable BBQ Grill

These Portable BBQ Grill, $39.00 are a cute option for balcony dwellers or picnics up north. The lightweight stainless steel charcoal grill has convenient handles and feet that fold away for easy storage.

Rustica Pitcher Blue

These vibrantly-coloured glass Rustica Pitchers, $32.00 are blown by hand, creating slight variations in each piece. I already own the red one - it's so ult!


This Partyware Bucket & Stand, $45.00- $59.00 is waiting to be filled with coronas for your next patio party. I love it in the vibrant red but it also comes in cool summer white.


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