Monday, June 30, 2008


I've been calling myself "crankypants" as the reno creeps under my skin and wears down my patience and usual good nature. Last week when the shelves fell out of the wall I officially lost it -- my poor mother relived shades of my legendary toddler fits of the late 1980s, but this time with expletives


Friday afternoon made that all disappear, however, as when I went up to my room dreading the mess of boxes and plaster I saw this beauty tucked into my desk:


I lost it again, but this time in a good way, as I've continually lusted after this chair and now I finally have one to call my own!!I'm not sure where I'll place it but for now I'm using it at my desk.


Isn't it positively lovely?


kay* said...

it's absoultely lovely! my sister is thinking of buying one looks great in your room!

Shannon said...

Beautiful chair. I love your sense of style.

Bayjb said...

Wow that is really cute. I've seen it in magazines but not in person. Love it. And your lilac picture is amazing too!

design - 59 said...

what a fun surprise! I purchased my first one last year after wanting one for 5 years! and I still love it!!

pinkstilettos said...

Yes it is lovely and I am jealous- I want one myself. So was the chair a present? I really like the clear desk that you had on your blog once with the link attached in this post. Was the chair that expensive? Daisy~

marlazz said...

I love it. Did you buy it in Toronto? Where?

Is it at all comfortable? I've thought about this for years but wasn't sure about the comfort level.

Jessica Claire said...

it was a present indeed and it was the floor model so there was a discount- even better!

I think they got it at horsefeathers home but I'm not 100%

I know they sell them at quasimodo furniture too on queen

coco+kelley said...

oh, eeek! i'm jealous. JEALOUS.

ps - how adorable are you in that chair? do NOT cut your hair unless you're ready! i kinda went into shock for a couple days... and yours is so pretty!!