Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Toronto Vintage Hunt: Old Times Antiques


image If the taxidermy goose doesn't get you than the hodge podge of random china and chandeleirs will draw you into Old Times Antiques. Located at Queen and Portland, Old Times is jam packed with odds and ends. On a strip offering mostly modern designs for the young hipster crowd, this store sticks out for its weathered random offerings.


Like most estate/antique stores, some items are striking enough to call out for a wandering decor freak to purchase them and give them a home, while others remain other people's junk no matter which way you look at them.


The lovely array of tea cups and saucers caught my eye, but my personal favourite  is the black globe ($95)


The 'grow with love' pillow was majorly hippie dippy yet strangely endearing and I enjoyed the scalloped wore chair it sat on as well (the hideous blankets not so much)


I have to say the array of lighting fixtures offered was thoroughly delightful of not totally bizarre. I loved the red glass chandelier, but sadly it was missing one of the funny looking bulbs.


If you look beyond the scary dead birds, you can see the mini spoon and fork placecard holders. So juvenile but charming!


To check out these wacky yet potentially wonderful treasures yourself, head over to Old Times Antiques at 607B Queen St West.


Bayjb said...

OMG they have great stuff here. I've had a lot of luck in local Wisconsin resale stores too. Found decent furniture at unbeatable prices. Minus having to move it ourselves. I really like the red chandelier.

kay* said...

this store looks like quite a find - may have some interesting items! i'm going to pop in one day after work - thanks for the review!

Michele said...

looks like a fun store!! Did it smell? It looks like it would be stinky.

Alkemie said...

Oh my goodness! I ADORE stores like these - filled with treaures! Thanks for sharing. I can spend literally hours in stores like this one.