Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City Official Sourcing Revealed

Thanks to interviews with set decorator Lydia Marks in the Chicago Tribune and production designer Jeremy Conway at Casa Sugar, sources for Carrie's redecorated eclectic pad are now public knowledge! (thanks jordana gold for the heads up!)

'Sex' and the settee

Thankfully, the funky yet fabulous look can be recreated with pieces and materials accessible to everyday peeps, and not just to members of the trade -- yay!


It may be too intense for some, but the bright blue paint shade is perfectly suiting to Carrie's fashionably loud persona.

The ocean blue hue used in the film is a custom mix by Conway, but it's very close to Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue

(a gallon is $54.99 at aura paint)



The unique patchwork piece of art in Carrie's redecorated entry is a Paul Smith needlepoint hanging from the Rug Company. I didn't realize it spelled out LOVE! (Thanks Kay for pointing that out)


The graphic purple and white damask rug is also from the Rug Company. The Tibetan wool design is Overleaf by Marni and costs $80 per square foot.image

The upholstery fabric on the twin settees is "Amanda Lee" from the Silk Trading Co  (The linen fabric is listed at $110 a yard)

For close matches to other elements of the design scheme, check out my previous post and Casa Sugar's 'get the look' 

(Images of Carrie's apartment via Chicago Tribune and Casa Sugar)


{kay} said...

anytime chica! i have a post on carrie's new apartment going up tomorrow with some additional sources and pics!

Emily said...

Oooh thanks for the post! I loved it- just as much as I LOVED the SATC was so much fun seeing Carrie's apartment re-do and all the clothes in the movie!

Emily @ Material Girls

pinkstilettos said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love what they have done so much better with her apartment. Also, I wanted to let you know that there's something for you on my blog! I've just tagged you and if you feel like playing then please check out my blog! Thanks & have a great day! Daisy~

LuckyLucyChance said...

there is a book about the movie that I just got and it gives more photos and insight of the rooms and breakdowns of each outfit. Its just called "Sex and the City: the Hardcover Book".

perfect bound said...

fun! thanks for the extra information. i have been waiting for more photos of Carrie's apartment. that color blue is while. so unexpected.

anastacia said...

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