Monday, June 23, 2008

The Month of the Flâneur

So the big news is: due to a pseudo-career-change-a-roo, I have a month off to be a tourist in my own city -- to experience Toronto from new eyes --  to be a flâneur.


In other words, I quit my job doing television PR in the burbs to work in the wonderful world of interior design here in the city. I'll still be doing PR, but instead of writing about TV shows with meerkats and murderers, I'll be working with sconces and setees.

I start this exciting new adventure in August, so until then, there will be plenty of posts on Toronto's treasures to look forward to!


kay* said...

oh jess i'm so very very very excited and happy for you - this is right up your alley! can't wait to hear about the new gig but until then look forward to your posts on T.O. :o)

Percy Chatsworth said...


You'll be great.