Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toronto Spotlight: The Cupcakery


While heading out for brunch last weekend with my best friends Jor and Fost, we discovered a cute little shop called The Cupcakery.

Located at 1034 St. Clair Ave W (east of Dufferin), the shop serves delicious homemade cupcakes and offers  a small selection of charming gifts and greeting cards.


Drawn in by the sparkling pink party dress in the window, we were delighted by the array of pastel-hued cupcakes with adorable names. The cupcakes are not cheap -- $2.50/each, $13.00 for 6, $25.00 for 12 -- but for special occasions and personal indulgences they could be just the special treat you're looking for!



Jor and Foster tried the "After Eight," which is chocolate cake with mint icing as well as "The Principessa,"  which is vanilla cake with pink frosting.

I'm sad that there were no "The Ultimates" ready and available -made of chocolate cake filled with caramel topped with chocolate buttercream & skor, it sounds like a dreamlike concoction made just for me!


In addition to ready made flavours, The Cupcakery is available for custom orders and designs. You give them the theme, and they'll come up with a matching design and display!

Obviously they cost more, so be prepared to spend as the base price of each cupcake is steep to begin with!


And not only do they do custom cupcakes and mini-cakes, they will also make large cupcake cakes using the Wilton large cupcake pan -- how precious!



If you're sick of cheap cake mix from a box and not the type to go the DIY route, check out The Cupcakery for some delectable homemade dessert that will please your eyes and your stomach!

PS- they even have a cupcake girl who will serve their desserts at your next function


Nat said...

cute friends & cute cupcakes! yum yum!

Bayjb said...

OMG that is beyond adorable. And a cupcake girl to serve? That's even better! I would keel over in sugar heaven there.

Michele said...

These were seriously the best cupcakes I have ever had from a cupcake shoppe (and I've had quite a few). I'm ready to go back.

PS: We're so SATC with our girly weekend brunch. Loves it, loves us, love you! xoxo

Rob @ I Love Substance said...

that is totally awesome.

If you ever come out to LA, we have a cupcake meetup group every month.

longge said...
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