Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marc You Are A Diva and I Love You

I love Marc Jacobs. He not only designs fabulous clothes, but he also has equally fabulous taste in dogs.


That's him with Alfred and Daisy (via Celebrity Dog Watcher) and to the right is a 1989 version of me with my own beloved Tulip. Besides our mutual love of the insane yet loving breed, it's super odd that we also picked the same name for one of our bullies -- after Tulip passed we got a Daisy too!!

tulip in the car

As I currently reminisce about my departed dog, it's only fitting that I  simultaneously drool over the majority of the latest Marc by Marc Jacobs collection.


These dresses totally match my spunky spirit and love for retro silhouettes. I need me a trip south of the border where they're slightly more affordable than up here at Holt's. Good thing a mother-daughter trip to NYC may be in the works this July... Bleecker street here I come!

L to R:  Margie velour dress $178, Zeplin shirt dress $328, Sea board dress $348 (all via net-a-porter)

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