Monday, June 16, 2008

MMVAs Madness


I had the longest day/night yesterday while working as part of the PR team for the Muchmusic Video Awards.

The pouring rain made getting through the outdoor event slightly hellish for some, but I was lucky to be stationed inside where there was shelter and chicken dumplings galore!

The throbbing tootsies, exhaustion and minor hangover were totally worth it in the end though...

Here are some highlights:

  • Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre still have the right stuff and I sure didn't mind an impromptu hug from the latter
  • a certain actor with an elemental name on one of my fave "corporate" shows has the nastiest publicist I've ever encountered
  • the jabawockeez are some of the nicest guys around and have a taste for literature!
  • Belly has never been to belly's (a crime!)
  • Chase Crawford, aka Nate from GG, is even more gorgeous in person if that's possible
  • RiRi is only getting more beautiful
  • "Dancing in the dark" sounds lovely when eminating from a Bedouin Soundclash jam


There was tons more than I mentioned going on in the packed block of Queen and John but the real fun was to be had at the after parties. I only ended up making it to Ultra, where the booze continued to flow as Aoki spun downstairs with MSTRKFRT and VIPs mingled on the patio

I reunited with some friends, former MTV crew as well as former band crushes, but ended up bailing on Perez's bash at Revival for the sake of being alive in the office today (my plan sort of worked)

If you missed the show, you can watch MMVA performances here.

(photos courteousy of


Anonymous said...

you look fab!

{kay} said...

hahaha-know exactly who you're talking about - it was a pretty great night eh! and i agree rihanna is totally gorgeous!

Michele said...

the joey hug warms my heart. hero.