Monday, June 9, 2008

Liz Wolfe: Eye Candy

image I was catching up with this lovely blog when a delightful photo caught my eye. I eagerly followed the link to find out more about the photographer only to discover she was a local Torontonian!

Her name is Liz Wolfe and her photos are retina-popping wonders composed of bright colours, phenomenal textures and odd, yet whimsically lovely objects.







Looking at these photos is like being dropped into Willy Wonka's edible room with the candy cups and saucers, frosted mushroom caps, chocolate river and gum drop trees (minus the obese Augustus, cuppy charlie and twit Veruca)

Don't you want to take a bite out of that rhinestone studded donut? How about a spoon of the sugar mountain with sprinkles on top followed by a lick of the yellow jalapeno popsicle? They're a feast for the eyes and make me wanna pop by sugar mountain for a fix while I'm at it.

Check out Liz Wolfe online to see more of her creative photos.

(wonka photo via transpworld)


karey m. said...

oh, you are EXACTLY right!

i wondered why her art so resonated with me...willy wonka!

awesome connection.

design for mankind. said...

Great photos--- thanks, Jess! :)

pinkstilettos said...

What delicious and Yummy pics! Willy WOnka now there's a movie I haven't seen forever.