Friday, October 31, 2008

Deconstructing Marie


Because my statcounter is telling me tons of you are trolling the internet in search of Marie Antoinette costume details, I figured I'd share the sourcing for my favourite Halloween get-up from last year. It may not be historically accurate (short skirt much?), but this Marie costume was still cheaper than renting a real full-length reproduction, plus I can keep it forever and ever!


Here are the details:


The Renaissance Wig  is from Malabar

The dress is the Courtier Marie Costume from Theatrix

I made a custom hat-piece to add to my wig with materials from Michael's and also decorated a store-bought fan with ribbons and pearls to match the powder blue hue (the pic above isn't mine- but it's similar to what I did)

The shoes were cheap white patent slingbacks from a discount store similar to DSW and I just added blue ribbon bows by Martha Stewart to the toe.


Percy Chatsworth said...

I think I love you and your Marie-Antoinette costume-putting together abilities!


Anonymous said...

kay* said...

so cute jess! and how crafty are you!?!? loves it.