Thursday, October 23, 2008

Retro Glamour at Cabaret

The thrill of the hunt is what gets most vintage-lovers all hot and bothered, but for me, sometimes I like to skip the sifting and get straight to the goods.


Enter Cabaret: a boutique on the hipster stretch of queen and bathurst that does the dirty digging for you and carries a large selection of cocktail dresses, handbags, suits, jackets, hats and more for both guys and gals!


Owner Tao Drayton carefully edits the selection of high fashion pieces Cabaret carries, making looking for that special retro cocktail dress or dapper fedora a pleasantly easy experience.


Extremely personable and totally genuine, Drayton is a pleasure to do business with. His great eye for fit and enthusiasm in helping you find the perfect piece yielded a gorgeous score of my own, which I will reveal next week!


I'm not the only fan of Cabaret -- Dita Von Teese has stopped by more than once and other dapper gents and ladies including Andre 3000, Natalie Portman, Feist and a host of the regular Canadian celeb set have shopped there too.


If you're in the neighbourhood or are seeking a special something for your next big event, stop by Cabaret at 672 Queen St West because when you do vintage, you're guaranteed no one else will show up wearing the same thing!


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