Monday, October 6, 2008

Toronto International Art Fair

Yesterday afternoon I explored the ninth annual Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF)  and was blown away by the amazing selection of global talent (there were 100 galleries from 14 countries!)  I had only previously been to the Artist Project so I was in for a big treat as this art fair was extremely different in its approach - rather than having individual artists showcasing their wares, you had galleries showing a variety of their featured artists with a more grown-up sophisticated vibe.

I loved it because...

 There were melodies and music:


Dans Le Monde Entier By: Kathy Slade. Diptych. Embroidery on Canvas (ed 1 of 2)


After The Gold Rush By: Bill Rose. Oil on canvas (36 x 48)


Three Chords By: Michael Snow. Offset Lithograph (24 x 24)


Lennon and McCartney By: Bill Rose. Pigmented stampad painting on rag paper. (22 x 30)

Lennon's actual visage is made up of hundreds of tiny Paul stamps!


There was pure feminine beauty:


Still Life with Flowers By: Wang Weidong . Oil on Canvas (26 x 32)


Oreithyia By: Simon Casson. Oil on canvas. 48 x 54. 


Roses for Rumi By: Gabryel Harrison. Mixed Media on Panel (43 x 40)

There was cheeky pop:


DLVM no. 10 By: Eduard Van Giel. Mixed Media with Neon Blacklight.


For the Love of God, Laugh By: Damien Hirst. Silkscreen print on paper with glazes and diamond dust 100 x 75 cm


Perfectly Horrid By: Adrian Norvid. Flashe Vinyl Paint on Paper. 44 x 47 x 13.


Composition with Black lines By: David Mach. Postcards and collage on board, 72 x 72


Welcome The Flowers By: John Giorno. Screenprinted Poems. 16 × 16


Marilyn Quad By: Robert Silvers. Photomosaic on aluminum 60 x 60.

There were touches of toile:


Untitled 2008 from Cache-vous by: Sadko Hadzihasanovic. Oil on stretched fabric (16 x 20)


Purpose By: German Tagle. Mixed Media on canvas (16  x 12)


Untitled 2008 from Cache-vous by: Sadko Hadzihasanovic. Oil on stretched fabric (12 x 20)

There was colour:


City Outskirts by Lucy McKenna. Mixed Media (89 x 64)


Lover's Leap 13 By: Polly Apfelbaum. Multi Color, Woodblock Print (47 × 47)


Genesis Surge By: Paul Fornier. Acrylic on Canvas. 50 x 100

And there was Andrea Marcus .

My perennial favourite artiste was showing her haunting Iceberg series as part of Jane Corkin's display.


I will definitely be returning to TIAF next year!

PS-  It was also Nuit Blanche this weekend. I checked out the Queen and Ossington area- what a clusterf*ck! So disappointed with the lack of actual art (interactive or otherwise)

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Carley Larissa said...

I love the Kathy Slave pieces. Good eye.