Friday, October 3, 2008

Grrrrrr Baby, Very Grrrrrr

I'm not quite sure what the advertising and marketing department was thinking when they dreamed up this S&M campaign for Dutch company Brand van Egmond's lighting fixtures:





I think I missed the memo where it was cool to have some middle-aged mom figure in a bodysuit  get on her hands and knees with a blindfold to sell light fixtures. There are less obvious ways to allude to sensuality than having this uncomfortable-looking woman pretend she's Madonna in the justify my love video. (Plus I know far more yummy mummies that they could have used if they wanted to go down that road)


It's a shame too because some of their stuff is really cool in a gothic artsy way. I know it's not for everyone but I could totally see this black rose fixture hanging in Nicky Hilton's bedroom.


Michele said...

The ad campaign is definitely weird, but I don't mind the fact that she's not the yummiest mummy out there! I think it's good to use REAL people - women don't have to be super skinny, botoxed-to-death gym rats to have to wear those kinds of outfits. It's a nice reminder to the everyday woman to spice things up a little regardless of how "yummy" she is perceived to be. Nonetheless, pairing that message with this product seems a touch random! Perhaps that's the appeal, though...that the everyday woman can add some spice to her life where you least expect it!

kay* said...

lmao "middle-aged mom figure in a bodysuit..." i totally missed the memo too. i just don't get it.