Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oui Oui Maison de Vacances

image I’m a huge fan of French design company Maison de Vacances - and how could I not be? Formed by Nicolas Mauriac and Emmanuelle Fouks, him a former art director and she a former fashion designer, Maison makes the glam rock version of bedding and housewares.

I’ve posted about a few items made by Maison de Vacances, but what always sticks out to me is the metallic hide and the patent LOVE cushions- so cheeky yet so stylish!

All of the collections feature texture,  high-gloss impact and innovative details, but it’s their catalogue images that  I find most appealing. Young families, boho-rock’n’rollers with elctric guitars, bright-lit spaces and hard wood are a plenty in the catalogue. Here are some of my favourite images:



You can find most of the Maison de Vacances line at your nearest Calyspo store.

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Alkemie said...

WOW, fun pillows and fun photos. I especially like the colorful living room with all the shaggy pillows and what a glam white living room witih the soft shaggy bean bag and glamorous cowhide!

Great inspiration!